Q.        What does Latin Report offer?

A.        We sell country studies of developing countries.

Q.        Which countries are covered?

A.        In the first phase country studies are offered for Latin American countries only; i.e. all of the Spanish  speaking countries as well as Portuguese speaking Brazil and French speaking Haiti.

Q.        Will you be covering other regions?

A.        Yes! In a later phase it is intended to offer country studies for other regions.

Q.        Are there not numerous other publishers offering country reports for those same Latin American countries?

A.        Yes!  We are entering a market that is already well supplied.

Q.        Why do you think the market needs a new provider in this segment?

A.        The existing offerings are based on current analysis which, for all it’s merits, does not explain how a country really works.

Q.        Can you elaborate? 

A.        Every country has it’s own path to development. This path is a function of it’s institutional and political development over many decades and on policy decisions taken in the past.

Q.        How do your studies bring this to light?

A.        We start with a very broad long term perspective of economic history and consider what works and what doesn’t work.   We then look at each country and the policy choices it has made in pursuit of it’s development goals. The   success or otherwise of any particular course is closely linked to it’s political and institutional development and it’s competence as a state.

Q.        What are the sources for your work?

A.        The questions of long term economic development are the day to day questions in the academic world and  published regularly in books and journals. These are also the primary concern of multilateral institutions  such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the IMF etc.

Q.        Why should a company wish to purchase an academic study?

A.        Many of the sources mentioned above are written in highly technical language and not readily accessible to a wider public. However it is our view that it is possible to rewrite and synthesize this material in an accessible format.

Q.        What are the benefits for businesses?

A.       Businesses are run with information. If your company is considering a long term commitment then you need a long term view. Current analysis merely offers a view on how a country is dealing with current events. Also, even if a company is only considering a short term investment it can help to be aware of the underlying long term issues.  

Q.        What types of companies would be your potential customers?

A.      Any company with existing sales or investments in Latin America or any company contemplating same.  Also fund managers and reinsurance companies and others transacting financial business there.

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