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Colombia since the 1930's pursued policies of industrialisation through the substitution of imports. In the years 1948-53 there was a civil war between the two main political factions which was ended by a military coup. The Constitution was restored in 1958 to a coalition of the two rival parties and this lasted until 1974. Thereafter the two parties agreed to alternate in power until a new constitution was approved in 1991.

Throughout this period and until today growth was steady if unspectacular, averaging about 4% pa, though due to continued population growth gains in living standards were modest. The main ongoing issues in Colombia are the rebel militia groups operating from remote mountain regions and the ongoing drug trafficking by the Cartels. While some progress has been made on both of these fronts it remains to be seen how readily they can be resolved when the underlying conditions that supported their emergence are unchanged.

As a State Colombia is quite well run. It was the one major Latin American country to avoid the debt crisis in the 1980's and it has a good track record of economic integration and social progress. It needs to continue to expand and diversify its exports and integrate further with it’s Latin American neighbours. It is the country most affected by the ongoing crisis in Venezuela as it’s trade with it’s neighbour has collapsed and it hosts a large number of economic refugees.  




The Modern Period

The Current Era

The Modern State

Economics from the Ground Up

Political Systems

Trade Theory

The EU as a Model of Integration




            World GDP                                           2018

            World GDP PPP                                   2018

            GDP per capita ppp                           2018

            Exports  & Imports                            2018

            Container Traffic                  2010 & 2018

            Oil Production                                    2018

            Migrant Remittances                       2018

            Tourism Statistics                             2017

            Tourism Americas                             2017              

Latin America         


The US and Latin America


The EU and Latin America


World Exports                                      2000-2018




            Colombian Politics

            Labour Market


            Guerrillas & Drug Cartels

            Plan Colombia

            Going Forward

            Charts & Chart Commentary


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Colombia 2020

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