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In the 20th century the Dominican Republic had the long dictatorship of Trujillo from 1930-61. This was followed by an interregnum of several years including a brief civil war. There were then three decades of authoritarian governments until a new Constitution was approved in 1996. Since then the Dominican Republic has experience normal elections and political transitions.  During almost all of this period economic growth has been remarkable stable, averaging about 5% pa and including up to the present day.

The economic model was initially based on the substitution of imports and the export of primary products but in recent decades the international insertion has evolved towards export orientated Zonas Francas (free trade zones) for industry and call centres and tourism.

The country also relies on remittances from abroad to make up its foreign currency requirements. In 2001 there was a major banking collapse, Banco Intercontinental, which was due to fraud over many years that went undetected. This caused the budget deficit and the rate of inflation to soar for a couple of years but they soon reverted to normal. The majority of it’s exports go to the US.  




The Modern Period

The Current Era

The Modern State

Economics from the Ground Up

Political Systems

Trade Theory

The EU as a Model of Integration




            World GDP                                           2018

            World GDP PPP                                   2018

            GDP per capita ppp                           2018

            Exports  &  Imports                           2018

            Container Traffic                  2010 & 2018

            Oil Production                                    2018

            Migrant Remittances                       2018

            Tourism Statistics                             2017

            Tourism Americas                             2017              

Latin America         


The US and Latin America


The EU and Latin America


World Exports                                   2000-2018

Dominican Republic


            Political System


            Banco Intercontinental Crisis

            State Finances

            Zonas Francas


            Charts & Chart Commentary


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Dominican Republic 2020

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