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Haiti was the first country in Latin America to win it’s independence in 1804. However throughout the 19th century it remained more or less cutoff from the main trade and other currents of the era and made very little material progress. In 1915 the US intervened, to preempt any similar move by the German Imperial Navy, and remained until 1934.

The US occupation was a period of advances in the physical infrastructure but when it ended the local political class failed to build on this progress. The period 1934-57 is seen as an interregnum before the Duvalier dictatorship. In this period politics was based on divisions between a mixed race elite and black middle class and the overwhelmingly poor black majority. One of the intellectual currents of this era was noirism (blackness) which was about asserting black identity and it was on this current that Duvalier came to power in 1957.

The Duvalier period (1957-86) was a disaster for Haiti as institutional structures were discarded in favour of a personal dictatorship and the tonton macoutes militias were encouraged to spread terror throughout the country. The post Duvalier period has seen successive governments try to come to terms with this legacy without a great deal of success. Haiti remains a basket case with exports insufficient to cover imports. It relies on remittances and foreign aid to make up the difference. In 2010 Haiti experienced it’s largest ever recorded earthquake which left some 300k dead and 1m homeless.  




The Modern Period

The Current Era

The Modern State

Economics from the Ground Up

Political Systems

Trade Theory

The EU as a Model of Integration




            World GDP                                           2018

            World GDP PPP                                   2018

            GDP per capita ppp                           2018

            Exports  &  Imports                           2018

            Container Traffic                  2010 & 2018

            Oil Production                                    2018

            Migrant Remittances                       2018

            Tourism Statistics                             2017

            Tourism Americas                             2017              

Latin America         


The US and Latin America


The EU and Latin America


World Exports                                   2000-2018



            1915-34 Occupation

            Post Occupation

            Duvalier 1957

            Post Duvalier


            State Finances


            The Way Forward              

            Charts & Chart Commentary 


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