Terms & Conditions

  1. Latin Report offers for purchase country reports in password protected PDF format which will be emailed to the customer after completing the purchase. 
  2. In the normal course of events the customer will receive the emailed report within 1 day of purchase. 
  3. If a Report is defective (e.g. it is corrupted) or has been damaged in transit or if the password provided doesn’t work, then please contact Latin Report via [email protected] to notify us. You will be entitled to a replacement.
  4. Latin Report is not legally responsible for any decisions taken by end users based on the information provided in these reports. 
  5. You may not offer the content for resale. 
  6. You may not scan, photocopy, fax, or in any other way reproduce or copy the content. 
  7. You may not share the content with anybody outside of license terms, whether it is an individual user license, single location license or worldwide license. 
  8. A single location license means that the report can be shared within an organisation at the location of purchase. A worldwide license means that the report can be shared within an organisation worldwide.  
  9. The reports are for internal use within your business. 
  10. Extracts may be made from the reports subject to the following conditions 
  11. To take one or more “Limited Extracts” (see below) from the digital content for the sole purpose of reproducing them in original “New Material” (see below) and supplying that New Material to the client who commissioned you to create it for use by that client for internal business purposes only.
  12. Such extracts must comply with the following conditions in order to qualify as Limited Extracts;  (i) the maximum amount which can be extracted from the digital content is, in the case of an individual written  report, article or other document, 10% of that document; (ii) the Limited Extracts must represent a commercially insubstantial part of the New Material when compared to  the  New Material as a whole; (iii) the New Material must consist substantially of original material created by one or more Authorised Users and       accordingly must not  contain  substantial amounts of material aggregated from third parties; the Limited Extract(s) reproduced in the New Material, and any conclusions  drawn by the Authorised User which appear in the New Material and which are based on or refer to such extracts, are accurate, fair and reasonable;  (iv)  all New Materials shall attribute the extracted digital content to Latin Report